"Reconversão" in international circulation

9 January 2013
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After the world premiere at the 20th Curtas Vila do Conde, the film "Reconversão", by Thom Andersen, is having a remarkable international career. It is being highlighted, now, in the United States, with a screening at the Museum of The Moving Image and reference in The New York Times and Film Comment. The film was a commission of twenty anniversary of the festival and discusses the work of architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.

In the online edition of the "Film Comment" magazine, "Reconversão" was included in the Top 50 (in the 23rd position) of the Best Undistributed Films of 2012 in the United States of America. In addition, The New York Times devoted an article on the film for the film premiere in New York, at a session of the series First Looks at the Museum Of The Moving Image. The article presents the film as an analysis of the function of decay and ruins in architecture, through the works of Eduardo Souto de Moura. It relates the film also within the wider work of Thom Andersen and his willingness to look at objects in ruins and the role of architecture in people's lives.

According to the newspaper, "Reconversão is a combination travelogue and architectural study. (...) Most of the film is composed of rapid-fire, Muybridge-esque strings of still images, broken up by “live-action” sequences depicting the disparate uses to which Souto de Moura buildings are put over the course of time".