My Generation is the new section of Curtas Vila do Conde

17 May 2019
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The 27th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde, which will run from July 6 to 14, will have a new competitive section, My Generation. Targeting the age group between 14 and 18 years of high schools, it involves four schools in Vila do Conde and Póvoa do Varzim. The films that are part of this competition were chosen by the students of these schools, and will be exhibited in the schools themselves and during the festival, with the presence of the filmmakers. Students will be involved in all phases of the process, in addition to the selection of films, such as the promotion of this action within the school space, the preparation of texts and synopses or the presentation of the sessions and invited filmmakers.

The program, whose winner will be calculated by counting the votes of young audiences in schools and the festival, presents a selection of short films, with fiction, animation and documentary, from several countries. This selection is an opportunity to stimulate the audiovisual literacy of the school community, around moving images.
The 27th Curtas Vila do Conde, which runs from July 6 to 14, has the support of the MEDIA / Creative Europe program, the Vila do Conde City Hall, the Ministry of Culture, the Cinema and Audiovisual Institute and several indispensable partners to the festival.
Participating Schools:
José Régio High School, Vila do Conde
Afonso Sanches High School, Vila do Conde
High School Eça de Queirós, Póvoa de Varzim
Rocha Peixoto High School Póvoa de Varzim
"Albatross Soup" by Winnie Cheung; USA; 7 '; 2018; ANI
"Empty Skies" by Wenting Deng Fisher; USA; 18 '; 2018; FIC
"Fatiya" by Marion Desseigne-Ravel; France; 20 '; 2018; FIC
Patrick Smith's "Gun Shop"; USA; 2'; 2019; ANI
"Le Mans 1955" by Quentin Baillieux; France; 15 '; 2018; ANI
"Malanka" by Paul-Louis Léger, Pascal Messaoudi; France; 14 '; 2018; DOC
"Mort Aux Codes" by Léopold Legrand; France; 14 '; 2018; FIC
"Nefta Football Club" by Yves Piat; France; 17 '; 2018; FIC
"The Sea Enrola na Areia" by Catarina Mourão; Portugal; 15 '; 2019; DOC
"Selfies" by Claudius Gentinetta; Switzerland; 4 '; 2018; ANI
"To Plant a Flag" by Bobbie Peers; Norway, Iceland; 15 '; 2018; FIC
"Untravel" by Ana Nedeljkovic; Serbia; 9 '; 2018; ANI