Carlos Conceição is the second director in focus of Curtas

28 May 2019
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Let's start with “Serpentarius", the first feature film by Carlos Conceição, premiered this year in Berlin and which is being presented as Portuguese Premiere at Curtas Vila do Conde festival. The film, lead by João Arrais ("Soldado Milhões", "Coelho Mau”), follows the journey of a filmmaker in search of his mother's soul in a post-apocalyptic Africa. An emotional reflection on memory that transmutes between the director's biography in Africa - where he was born and lived to his 21st birthday - and episodes of the continent's own history.  A film-catastrophe, where feelings of belonging are explored, a reflexion about Angola after the war when the country is rediscovering its identity and the references erased by history.

Referred as one of the most interesting young European directors, Carlos Conceição explores in his films an elegant, romantic, baroque and subversive style. It was so with “Versailles" presented at the Locarno competition in 2013, but in Vila do Conde we will be show a never seen Director’s Cut. "Coelho Mau” is another film to be screened, premiered at the Cannes Critic’s Week it's a Portuguese-French co-production that deals with the relations between two brothers (João Arrais and Julia Palha), an absent mother (Carla Maciel) and his lover (Matthieu Charneau). The retrospective of the festival will also include "O Inferno", a look into the interior of a contemporary house that tests the limits of perception and the capacity of the viewer to be shock.
The program for this focus will be end with a Carte blanche to Carlos Conceição, where the director chooses films that dialogue with his career and his work: starting with references to Pasolini and Carl Dreyer - with the screening of "La Sequenza Dei Fiore di Carta" and “Thorvaldsen" - it also includes "Le Musée" de Walerian Borowczyk (whose work, recently restored, is being rediscovered by the film community worldwide) or “Brando” the short film that inaugurated the collaboration between Scott Walker and the precursors of the drone metal, Sunn o))).
Carlos Conceição will be in the festival to present the his films and Carte Blanche, and will also participate in a conversation with directors João Rui Guerra da Mata and João Pedro Rodrigues.
The 27th Curtas Vila do Conde, which be held from July 6th to 14th, has the support of the MEDIA / Creative Europe program, the Vila do Conde City Hall, the Ministry of Culture, ICA - Cinema and Audiovisual Institute and several others indispensable partners of the festival.

“Serpentarius", Carlos Conceição, Portugal, Angola, 2019, doc./fic.,75’
“Bad Bunny", Carlos Conceição, Portugal, France, 2017, fic., 30’
“Hell", Carlos Conceição, Portugal, 2011, fic., 20'50''
“Versailles" (never seen director’s cut), Carlos Conceição, Portugal, fic., 2019, 18’


Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe, Les Blank, 1980, 22’
Moving Stories, Nicolas Provost, Belgium, 2011, 7’
Le Musée, Walerian Borowczyk, France, 1964, 2’
Interlúdio 1: Real Men Meow (Memory Hole), 2’
Cat Listening To Music, Chris Marker, France, 1990, 3’
Trailer de "Mill Of The Stone Women", 2’
Brando - Scott Walker + Sunn o))), Gisele Vienne, France, 2014, 10’
Andy Warhol Eating a Hamburger (excerpt from "66 Scenes From America"), Jørgen Leth, Denmark, 1982, 5’
Thorvaldsen, Carl Dreyer, Denmark, 1949, 10’
Interlúdio 2: "Our World Is Ending" (Memory Hole), 2’
La Sequencia Dei Fiore di Carta (episode by “Amore e rabbia”), Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italy, 1969, 11’