Curtas 2021: Experimental Competition

17 June 2021
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The Experimental Competition of the 29th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde is closed, with 20 titles from 16 countries.

Baki Tadu É, Kate Saragaço-Gomes, Calum MacBeath Morgan, India/Denmark/Portugal, 2021, DOC, 13'
Berlin Feuer, Pedro Maia, Portugal/Germany, 2021, EXP, 6'
Black Beauty, Grace Ndiritu, United Kingdom/Belgium/Spain, 2021, FIC, 30'
Citadel, John Smith, United Kingdom, 2020, EXP, 16'
Depth Wish, Margarida Albino, Portugal, 2021, EXP, 12'
Dissolution Prologue (Extended Version), Siegfried Fruhauf, Austria, 2020, EXP, 6'
Earthearthearth, Daïchi Saïto, Canada, 2021, EXP, 30'
Emtza'i Meuchar (Belated Measures), Nir Evron, Israel, 2020, DOC, 35'
Flowers Blooming In Our Throats, Eva Giolo, Belgium/Italy, 2020, EXP, 9'
Glimpses From A Visit To Orkney In Summer 1995, Ute Aurand, United Kingdom/Germany, 2020, EXP, 5'
Inside The Outset, Evoking A Space Of Passage, Rosa Barba, Cyprus/Germany/Italy, 2021, DOC, 31'
Misty Picture, Christoph Girardet, Matthias Müller, Germany, 2021, EXP, 17'
Of This Beguiling Membrane, Charlotte Pryce, USA, 2020, EXP, 5'
Purkyně's Dusk, Helena Gouveia Monteiro, Ireland/France, 2021, EXP, 9'
Sunrise, Lúcia Prancha, Portugal, 2021, EXP, 18'
Surviving You, Always, Morgan Quaintance, United Kingdom, 2020, DOC, 18'
The Detection Of Faint Companions, Sandro Aguilar, Portugal, 2021, EXP, 9'
Train Again, Peter Tscherkassky, Austria, 2021, EXP, 20'
When Light Is Displaced, Zaina Bseiso, Palestine/USA, 2021, DOC, 7'
Who Is Afraid Of Ideology ? Part III Micro Resistencias, Marwa Arsanios, Germany, 2020, DOC, 31'