Sensible Soccers at Vila do Conde's Theater

22 December 2021
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It's called "Manoel" and focuses on two seminal works by Manoel de Oliveira. The band's show, at Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde, will take place on January 22nd, at 21:30.

Celebrating a decade of activity, Sensible Soccers present a film-concert that focuses on "Douro Faina Fluvial" and "O Pintor e a Cidade", two films by Manoel de Oliveira that, 25 years apart, share the same central theme: Oporto.

The band proposes a meeting between its musical language and the unique universe of one of the most acclaimed Portuguese filmmakers. The show gave its name and origin to Sensible Soccers' most recent album, "Manoel", and intends to establish bridges between the three fundamental vertices that make up the project's ideology - the films that serve as its pretext, the music that will unite them, and the Porto that offers them the scenario.

The show is organized by Curtas Metragens C.R.L. and supported by Vila do Conde Municipality. 

Tickets available here.