14th July : Highlights of the Day

14 July 2012
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On the penultimate day of Curtas 2012, there are many cinema and many choices available. At the morning and in the afternoon there are more Curtinhas' sessions for kids. Also early in the afternoon, the festival promotes a discussion of Portuguese cinema. By late afternoon, are screened the last sessions of international and experimental competition. At night, in the section From Short to Features, is screened the film "Best Intentions", by Adrian Sitaru. But the major highlights of the day are the awards ceremony (where Fernando Lopes will be honored) and the film-concert of the Black Bombaim.

By early afternoon, the festival will discuss "What would the world be without the Portuguese cinema?" with five guests: Miguel Gomes, João Pedro Rodrigues, Luís Urbano, João Lopes and Augusto M. Seabra. At a critical point of Portuguese cinema, this is a time for industry professionals discuss the future.
Over night, the festival honors one of the great figures in the history of Portuguese cinema: Fernando Lopes. It is projected "The Happiness," a short film by Jorge Silva Melo in which the filmmaker is the protagonist. This honor follows the session awards-given, starting at 21:00. Over night, the Black Bombaim join a collective of young filmmakers coordinated by John Minton (visual director of Portishead) for a cinematic experience of live performance from the last album of Black Bombaim.