"Russa", by João Salaviza and Ricardo Alves Jr., and "Madness", by João Viana, in Berlinale Shorts

10 January 2018
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“Russa”, by João Salaviza and Ricardo Alves Jr, “Madness”, by João Viana and “Onde o Verão Vai (episódios da juventude”, by David Pinheiro Vicente will join the competition of short films in the 68th Berlinale – International Film Festival that will be held from 15th to 25th February.

The Berlinale has announced yesterday the official selection for the Berlinale Shorts, exclusively dedicated tot he short features. “Russa”, by João Salaviza and Ricardo Alves Jr, “Madness”, by João Viana and “Onde o Verão Vai (episódios da juventude”, by David Pinheiro Vicente were the three portuguese films selected for this international competition, out of 22 films from 18 countries.

Winner of the Golden Bear in 2012, Salaviza gets together with Ricardo Alves Jr. to present the film “Russa”, short film directed by four hands during an artistic residency at Bairro do Aleixo, in Porto, promoted within the program Cultura em Expansão. The film treats the story of an old inhabitant that comes back to this neighbourhood, meeting again with family and friends but also the colective memory of this place, that preserves only three of five original towers.

The selection of “Madness”, by João Viana, also marks the return of the Angolan director to the screens of Berlinale, after showing “Tabatô”, in 2013. Co-produced by Papaveronoir and Les Films de l’Aprés-Midi, this short film reflects upon the political and social situation of Mozambique today, through the story of Lucy, interned women in an asylum.

Besides the works by Salaviza and Alves Jr and by João Viana, distributed by Agência da Curta Metragem, the festival of Berlin also selected another portuguese film: “Onde o Verão Vai (episódios da juventude)”, by David Pinheiro Vicente.

Portuguese cinema will also be present in Berlinale through the participation of the director Diogo Costa Amarante, winner of the Golden Bear 2017, in the jury of Berlinale Shorts, side by side with Jiody Mistry and Mark Toscano.

Portuguese short film selected for Euro Connection 2018

7 December 2017
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The short film Link, by Xá and produced by Bando à Parte is one of the 15 projects selected among the 24 finalist films nominated this year that will be pitched during Euro Connection 2018.

The next edition of Euro Connection will take place on Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 February 2018 during the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market (France).


Here is the full list of projects selected by the Euro Connection 2018 European correspondents:

Machines of Loving Grace, Viki Alexander (Horse&Fruits), Austria
Dusk, Laura Vandewynckel (Walking the Dog), Belgium
The Man in Two Minds, Mathias Broe (73collective), Denmark
Dark Side of the Earth, Urmas Reisberg (Exitfilm), Estonia
Baby With a Playlist, Juho Luukkainen (Kaiho Republic), Finland
Above The Law, Bryony Dunne (Kennedy Films Ltd.), Ireland
Yashar’s Journey, Sébastien de Monbrison (Les films de l’autre cougar), France
What We Know So Far, Sylvain Cruiziat (eeproductions UG), Germany
Just a Map, András György Dési & Gábor Móray (Focus Fox), Hungary
The First Lessons, Beppe Leonetti (Incandenza Film), Italy
Perpetual Child, Stephanie Sant (Shadeena Entertainment), Malta
Whose Daughter Are You?, Astria Aakra (Big Spoon Animation AS), Norway
Link, Xá (Bando à Parte), Portugal
Mountain Flood, Kristijan Krajncan (EnaBanda), Slovenia
Bacha Posh, Bahar Pars (Nordisk Film Production), Sweden

Euro Connection is the European Short Film Co-production Forum taking place each year at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market. This business platform aims at fostering partnerships between European production companies, funders and broadcasters for short film projects.


Curtas Vila do Conde presents special program at Kasseler Dokfest

3 November 2017
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On November 18th Curtas Vila do Conde – International Film Festival will present a special programme at Kasseler Dokfest with several films produced by Curtas Metragens CRL: "Strokkur" by João Salaviza, "Exodus" by Nicolas Provost, "Undisclosed Recipients" by Sandro Aguilar, "Night Without a Distance" by Lois Patiño and "The Dockworker's Dream" by Bill Morrison. The session International film festivals in profile: Curtas Vila do Conde will be presented by Mário Micaelo, co-diretor of the festival. 

The festival, dedicated to documentary films, runs from November 14 to 19 in Germany.

Euro Connection 2018

1 October 2017
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Applications for Euro Connection 2018, the co-production forum for short films that takes place every year during the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival are open until October 20. In Portugal, the associated festivals are Curtas Vila do Conde and IndieLisboa.

3 New Portuguese Short Films in the Theaters

5 September 2017
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The short films "Small Town" by Diogo Costa Amarante, "Bad Bunny" by Carlos Conceição and "Farpões Baldios" by Marta Mateus, awarded and screened in several film festivals, will premiere on September 14 in the portuguese theaters with distribution by Midas Filmes.

"Small Town", by Diogo Costa Amarante, a co-production by Curtas Metragens CRL, won this year's Golden Bear for best short film at the Berlin Film Festival. This programme also includes two films that premiered this year in Cannes: "Bad Bunny", a fiction by Carlos Conceição on the relationship between two brothers, and "Farpões Baldios", the first film of Marta Mateus, which reflects on rurality and work.

The three films were presented at Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival, where Marta Mateus received the Grand Prize of the International Competition.

25th Curtas Vila do Conde Screening Tour

22 July 2017
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The 25th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival ended last July 16th with the award ceremony. As usual, the screening tour of the festival will screen, in different parts of Portugal, some of the short films awarded at the festival.

These sessions, which started on July 17th and will continue until October, will present a selection of national and international films for adults and children in different cities: Braga, Porto, Lisbon, Coimbra, Vila Real, Leiria, Caldas da Rainha, Setúbal, Castro Verde, Matosinhos and Vila Nova de Gaia.

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