Curtas Vila do Conde 2016: Call For Entries

2 November 2015
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The online submission for competitions of the 24th Curtas Vila do Conde will be available soon. 

Curtas Vila do Conde is structured in different competitions, to which it will be accepting submissions:


- International (fiction, documentary and animation);

- Portuguese (Portuguese films of fiction, documentary and animation);

- Experimental (films that defy narrative and technical conventions);

- Music Videos (music videos from portuguese artists/producers);

- Curtinhas (films for kids until 30 minutes);

- Take One (productions until 30 minutes by Portuguese film students). 


In the next days, Curtas Vila do Conde will announce its regulations and details to submit films for the competitions. 

Curtas Vila do Conde nominee for the European Film Awards

29 September 2015
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The European Film Academy announced the list of the 15 short films nominated for the European Film Awards that will take place on December 12 in Berlin.

Once again, the winner of "Vila do Conde Short Film Nominee For The European Film Awards" at Curtas Vila do Conde will compete for Best European Short Film. This year, the choice was "Kung Fury" by David Sandberg.

The list of nominees is available here: 

"A Society" by Jens Assur

21 September 2015
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"Eleven strangers are forced to share a confined space on a journey into the unknown. Under severe and uncertain circumstances they face their own prejudices and fears, but have to depend on each other in order to survive. The dynamics of the group creates a reflection of the world outside."

The sort film "A Society", by Jens Assur, presented at 20º Curtas Vila do Conde, is now available online. This is an initiative of several European film festivals fighting against xenophobia in Europe. European film festivals thank Jens Assur for providing his film to spread the word against xenophobia.

Take a few minutes to meet these refugees and please share their story with all your friends and raise your voice against xenophobia and in favour of a European society in solidarity!


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DokuFest Prizren
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IndieCork FF
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Zubroffka SFF

Euro Connection 2015

16 September 2015
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Euro Connection is the European Short Film Co-production Forum taking place each year at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market. This business platform aims at fostering partnerships between European production companies, funders and broadcasters for short film projects.

The next edition of Euro Connection will take place on Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 February 2016 during the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market. 

Producers officially located in one of the associated countries must send their application by email to the national correspondent in their country no later than October 23, 2015. 


"Night Without Distance" at Toronto and NY

18 August 2015
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The short film "Night Without Distance" by Lois Patiño, filmed in Portugal and produced by Curtas Vila do Conde, will be presented in North American premiere at the 40th Toronto International Film Festival following then to the Film Festival New York.

After the premiere at Curtas Vila do Conde and the screening at the prestigious Locarno Film Festival, "Night Without Distance", by the Galician director Lois Patiño", will be presented in North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. The short film is part of the "Wavelengths" section, an avant-garde showcase, which will also feature the three volumes of "The Arabian Nights" by Miguel Gomes.

The film will follow then to the Film Festival of New York, which takes place between September 25 and October 11.

Filmed on the border between Portugal and Galicia, "Night Without Distance" addresses the stories of the region, including the role that smuggling had on the development of both countries. The film, in negative, counted with the participation of some inhabitants of the region that also were smugglers in youth.

"Night Without Distance" is one of the films produced by Curtas Metragens CRL, the entity responsible for Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival.

Miguel Gomes' Short Films on DVD

6 August 2015
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After "Reconversion" by Thom Andersen, Curtas Vila do Conde, in partnership with FNAC, presents a second DVD that includes all the short films by Miguel Gomes. This edition, subtitled in english, spanish and portuguese, can be purchased for 4 euros at Loja das Curtas, located at Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery, and FNAC.

"Miguel Gomes: As Curtas-Metragens" 

Parents and teachers are gone. Meanwhile, a girl and two boys became a love trio. Rui, Nuno and Rita cross three different spaces and time in a way to get alone. A rugby match, a swimming-pool party, the beach. An instable balance – the trio is too close to a triangle. Meanwhile it’s the time of spellbound. Rui loves Rita, Nuno or just the fun of it? Nuno loves Rita and depends on Rui? Rita is the passive leader of the game. Does she love anyone? 

Christmas Inventory
25th December in the middle eighties. The Family get together in the grandparents’house. When I was twelve I dreamt that I was putting in motion the static pictures of the crèche. With this film I tried to do the same with the memories of my cousins and relatives, with that house and with those rituals. It’s a fake documentary and a fake animation film, a semi-fiction about children that go to war, play music and take over. 

“This is the way you hold the racket to play a forehand. Just move your arm back, the left shoulder facing the ball, step forward with your left foot, hitting the ball.” 


A 20 year old young man asks some kids if he can play football with them. They think it’s weird and ask him how old is he. When he answers «I’m ten» he is laughed at. But he is going to find another group of kids who are different, just like him… (kalkitos is a trademark of a decalcomanias set sold in Portugal during the eighties).

Canticle of all Creatures 
Assis 2005: a troubadour walks the streets of St. Francis of Assisi hometown, singing and playing the Song of Brother Sun or Song of the Creatures, written by St. Francis back in the winter of 1224. Woods of Umbria, 1212: during one preaching to the birds, St. Francis suddenly faints. Reanimated by St. Clare, the saint looks strange and absent and he doesn’t remember anything. When the night falls, the animals in the forest sing and praise Francis. But this love sung by the animals leads to a feeling of possession, a desire of exclusivity usually known as jealousy. 

On January 21, 1975, in a village in the north of Portugal, a child writes to his parents who are in Angola to tell them how sad Portugal is. On July 13, 2011, in Milan, an old man remembers his first love. On May 6, 2012, in Paris, a man tells his baby daughter that he will never be a real father. During a wedding ceremony on September 3, 1977 in Leipzig, the bride battles against a Wagner opera that she can’t get out of her head. But where and when have these four poor devils begun searching for redemption? 

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