Lois Patiño presents his first exhibition in Portugal

5 December 2014
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After his presence in the past editions of Curtas Vila do Conde — International Film Festival, the Galician director Lois Patiño presents his first exhibition in Portugal. "A Double Immobility" opens on December 13th, by 6 pm, at Solar – Cinematic Art Gallery, in Vila do Conde, Porto. Under the scope of the Cave project, dedicated to the promotion of emerging authors, Patiño invited the Spanish artist Carla Andrade to exhibit her work at Solar during the same period.

"A Double immobility" presents a series of video installations filmed in different locations - Iceland, Morocco, France and Galicia - including an original work created especially for this exhibition.

Exploring the concept of landscape, the work of Lois Patiño establishes a dialogue between body and space, space and time, movement and stillness, leading the viewer to observe the images through a new perspective and to reflect on their situation as a human being in a certain period of time. For this, the gallery is transformed into a space that allows a landscape experience from a contemplative and sensory vision.

In addition to the landscape, video installations related to body experience as something ghostly will also be presented. In the images, totally immobile individuals are presented contrasting with the natural elements that are moving: the water of the river, the tree branches and the light. Lois Patiño therefore follows the concept of the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard, establishing a difference between "horizontal time", which is the time of nature, wind and water, and the "vertical time", the poetic image, inner time experienced by consciousness.

Under the scope of the Cave project, dedicated to promoting the work of emerging authors, Patiño invited the Spanish artist Carla Andrade to exhibit her work at Solar during the same period. In "The Overflowing" we immerse ourselves in a symbolic trip through a subjective nature, which is experienced directly, without analysing it. Working mainly in photography, Carla Andrade has a powerful and poetic work in video and 8mm. The artist also collaborated in "Costa da Morte", the award-winning documentary directed by Lois Patiño. The feature film had its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival, where Lois Patiño received the award for Best Emerging Director. Subsequently, "Costa da Morte" has been presented on many and prestigious international film festivals and was awarded in South Korea, Mexico, Italy, Chile and Spain.

Lois Patiño
 was born in Vigo (Spain) in 1983. He combined his Psychology studies in the Complutense University of Madrid with cinema studies at TAI School. He followed his cinema education at NYFA, in New York and with the Master in Documentary Film at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. He has developed courses of videocreation in the UdK of Berlin, and in different ateliers with artist and filmmakers such as Joan Jonas, Donald Kuspit, Pedro Costa, Víctor, Erice, José Luis Guerín or Daniel Canogar. His videos and videoinstalations have been shown in art centres such as Centro Cultura San Martín (Buenos Aires), Casa Encendida (Madrid), CCCB (Barcelona), MARCO (Vigo), Fundación Luis Seoane (A Coruña). His films have been screened in international film festivals such as Locarno, Rotterdam, San Francisco FF, Ann Arbour, Cinema du Rèel, Rome IFF, Viennale, Jhilava, Curtas Vila do Conde, Media City, Punto de Vista, Rencontres Internationales París/ Berlín/ Madrid (Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris), and also at Reina Sofía Museum (Madrid) and Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), among many other presentations.


A few notes on “A Double Immobility” by Ángel Calvo Ulloa

Portugal celebrates The Short Film Day

10 November 2014
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After it's successful debut in 2013, the Short Film Day is back to Portugal on December 21st with several screenings around the country. 


This year, the event starts on December 9th  with many screenings in schools sessions culminating on the 21st of the same month, the shortest day of the year in mid-winter solstice. This astronomical phenomenon inspired the idea to promote short films encouraging public meetings in different places.


Whether online, on television, in cinemas, libraries, cultural centers, film societies or in different audience and community spaces presenting short films during this short but intense day will give the public the opportunity to discover a large number of filmmakers and their works.


During the day of December 21st cities across the country will present a selection of short films with national and international productions for adults and children. Like last year, the event will start in a few special places at midnight with parties, music and films non-stop.


The Short Film Day was born in France in 2011 and every year it's celebrated at the same time in over 40 countries worldwide. In Portugal, the initiative will, once again, be developed by the Short Film Agency in cooperation with several of its European partners, including Short Film Circuit.



About the Portuguese Short Film Agency…


The Portuguese Short Film Agency was created in January 1999 by the same team of Curtas Vila do Conde — International Film Festival, in association with ICAM — Portuguese Film Institute.


The Agency deals with a catalogue of more than 140 audiovisual works, including animation, documentary, fiction, experimental film or other, and all formats, providing that their duration would be less than 60 minutes, that is, on condition that it would be a short film.


Our activity consists in the promotion and diffusion of these works through the main film events, festivals and short film markets, as well as all the potential exhibitors (distributors, television or any other diffusion channels) at worldwide level. 




"Reconversion" now available on DVD

14 October 2014
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"Reconversion" by Thom Andersen is now available on DVD in our online store and Portuguese FNAC’s. This edition which marks the beginning of the partnership between Curtas Vila do Conde and FNAC is on sale for 4 euros and includes as extras the short film "Vulgar Fractions" by Peter Bo Rappmund and 20 movie frames. Subtitles: English / Español / Português.

“Reconversion” portrays 17 buildings and projects by Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto Moura, accompanied usually by his own writings. It is a search for his architecture, without critical commentary.


Only the tour guide at Braga Stadium offers generalizations, which fit that work well enough, but it may be the exception, not the rule. Souto Moura has the last word: “If there is nothing there, I invent a preexistence.”


Technically, “Reconversão” combines the crudeness of proto-cinema with the hyperrealism of digital cinema, bringing us back to the ideals of Dziga Vertov. Shooting only one or two frames per second and animating the images, in the manner of Muybridge, produces greater resolution, although not necessarily a greater sense of reality, and brings attention to the movements of water and vegetation that generally pass unnoticed.

Curtas Vila do Conde online store: 


Making Of 22nd Curtas Vila do Conde

22 September 2014
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During nine intense days of July, Vila do Conde became once again the Portuguese capital of cinema! Curtas Vila do Conde thanks all the institutions, companies, partners, media, staff, volunteers and of course all movie lovers who visited us for making the 22nd edition of the Festival possible! 

We count on you in July 2015!

"É o Amor" at Sophia Awards 2014

17 September 2014
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“É o Amor", by João Canijo, was named by the Portuguese Academy of Cinema to Sophia Awards 2014 in five categories: Best Film, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Editing.


The feature film resulted from an order o Curtas Metragens, responsible for Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival, to the Portuguese director João Canijo in the Estaleiro program, involving a group of young film students who joined the team of the film.


The winners will be known on October 8.

Partners contributed to the success of another edition

24 July 2014
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Curtas Vila do Conde counted, once again, with the indispensable support of partners who contributed to the success of the 22nd edition of the Festival.

In this edition, Curtas Vila do Conde had three new awards - the DigiMaster Award for best Portuguese director and the TAP Portugal Award for the two Best Portuguese Fictions - giving more than ten trophies.


In addition to the support of partners such as BPI bank, Mar Shopping and Pixel Bunker, Curtas Vila do Conde also had the sponsorship of new entities.


In the International Competition, Jameson Irish Whiskey sponsored the Best Film Award and the winemaker Aveleda named the Audience Award for best film chosen by the public. The SPA - Portuguese Authors Society also awarded the public award in the Portuguese Competition. Smiling, IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, Restart - Instituto de Criatividade, Artes e Novas Tecnologias and Agência da Curta Metragem awarded the young director João Niza Ribeiro, winner of the Competition Take One! (School films).


 Celebrating the World Cup and the 75 years of the club, Rio Ave FC supported the program “Offside” bringing to Portugal the Austrian photographer Josef Dabernig to include the stadium of Rio Ave in the exhibition "Sports grounds and Stadiums ", which was presented at the Municipal Theatre during Curtas Vila do Conde. Also the Portuguese Cinematheque joined this special program giving some movies where the football is the central narrative element.


In stereo program, sponsored by FNAC Portugal, movies and music shared the same stage with several film-concerts interpreted by emerging bands such as Sensible Soccers, peixe:avião, Filho da Mãe and Jibóia.  


Kelly Reichardt was the director In Focus of Curtas Vila do Conde. With the support from TAP Portugal, the American filmmaker was at the Festival to present her feature films.



Botton dressed the moviegoers with the official shirt of the festival and Beeverycreative surprised the winners of the competitions with trophies printed in three dimensions.


For nine intense days Vila do Conde became the capital of the cinema and some of the directors headed to Portugal with the support of several embassies: Austria Embassy, the Romanian Cultural Institute, ANCINE, Denmark Embassy, Secretary of Culture of Spain and Goethe Institut.

Some students of ESMAE – Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo, IPP – Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Universidade Católica do Porto, Universidade Fernando Pessoa and of Escola Secundária José Régio de Vila do Conde had the opportunity to live the experience of Curtas Vila do Conde applying the knowledge taught during the school year.


Curtas Vila do Conde, cannot fail to mention the support of Salvador Caetano/Toyota,  Cartão Jovem, Junta de Freguesia de Vila do Conde, VCoutinho, UPS, Hotel Santana, Cision, O Forninho, IMANcowork, Boa Boca, Ach Brito, ACP – Automóvel Clube de Portugal, Ana Aeroportos, Metro do Porto, Turismo do Porto e Norte de Portugal, Red Bull ando f the several media partners who contributed to the divulgation of the Festival.


Curtas Vila do Conde also has the patronage of Câmara Municipal de Vila do Conde, Governo de Portugal and ICA- Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, essential to the realization of this International Film Festival.



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