Portuguese short-films at Locarno

22 July 2013
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Several Portuguese short films were selected for the next Festival of Locarno. All of them had première at the 21st Curtas Vila do Conde. The Locarno Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals and takes place from 7 to 17 August in the Swiss town of Locarno.

In the competitive section Pardi di Domani, dedicated to short films, was selected "Versailles" by Carlos Conceição. For the section out of competition were selected "Mahjong", by João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata - a production of Estaleiro - and "O Corpo de Afonso", by João Pedro Rodrigues. Still in short films, Basil da Cunha will be jury in the section Pardi di Domani.

Still in the representation of Portuguese cinema, it can be see the last feature film (posthumous) by Paulo Rocha, "Se eu Fosse Ladrão... Roubava", along with a tribute to the director, with the screening of the classics "Verdes Anos" and "Mudar de Vida". Finally, Joaquim Pinto will present "E Agora? Lembra-me" at the Festival international competition.

+ info: http://www.pardolive.ch/

Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival

20 July 2013
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The Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival is preparing a program that will pay tribute to Curtas Vila do Conde. The Festival will take place from July 31 to August 4. As is announced on the event website: "The Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the most prominent productions from Brazilian Indie in the Mecca of cinema, Hollywood. Since 2009, the Festival has been host to cultural exchange and trade among the newest and bold Brazilian filmmakers and industry leaders of American entertainment."

The programme will screen the following films: 
- "Rapace", by João Nicolau
- "Arena", by João Salaviza 
- "O Coveiro", by André Gil Mata 
- "Sinais de Serenidade por Coisas sem Sentido", by Sandro Aguilar 
- "Manhã de Santo António", by João Pedro Rodrigues 
- "O Que Arde Cura", by João Rui Guerra da Mata
- "North Atlantic", by Bernardo Nascimento

+info: http://www.hbrfest.com/

Extensions in Coimbra and Porto

15 July 2013
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After the announcement of the winning films and the end of another edition of the Festival, there are now the extensions of Curtas Vila do Conde. Each year, a selection of the best films of Curtas follow to other locations where the audience can see these films. This year, the extensions are in Coimbra and Oporto:
- Gil Vicente Academic Theatre (Coimbra): July 17 (selection of award-winning films)
- Casa da Animação (Porto): July 18 (selection of animated films)

Check the lists of films to be screened here: http://festival.curtas.pt/program/2013/extensions/

Making Of 21st Curtas Vila do Conde

15 July 2013
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July 13 : Day Highlights

13 July 2013
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Saturday is a day of awards! But also the Festival continues to screen short and feature films. In addition to the competitions, return the sections Curtinhas and From Shorts to Features which screen the latest film by Basil da Cunha.

At 21:00, happens the awards ceremony where all filmmakers seek recognition of their work. Soon after, the Official Closing session shows "Até Ver a Luz", by Basil da Cunha, an author twice awarded the Portuguese Competition and here shows his first feature film. A film to discover, once again shot in the suburbs of Lisbon.

The kids again have sessions just for them in Curtas: 11:00 (Room 2) for M6 and 15:30 (Room 1) for M3. Today is also the last day of the Meetings with Directors, at 16:30 in the Curtas Lounge (with Jorge Quintela, Carlos Conceição, Telmo Churro and Carlos Amaral).

At the end of the night, are screened two sessions with winning films (21:45 and 23:30, Room 2, 00:00, Room 1).

July 12 : Day Highlights

12 July 2013
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At the entrance of the last weekend of the Festival, Curtas Vila do Conde maintains several focus of interest. In addition to the competition – the day keeps the strong pace of Thursday - the section From Shorts to Features returns to show a film by Yann Gonzalez in national prmiere. Also at the afternoon, is presented a performance by Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder. The highlight of the day goes to the masterpiece of Bill Morrison, "Decasia"!

The author of In Focus in the 2013 edition is Bill Morrison. After two days showing short works, this Friday presents one of his feature films: "Decasia" (21:45, Room 2), considered his magnum opus: a work of rigorous montage through the use of found footage. Another feature film of the day is "Les rencontres d'après minuit" by Yann Gonzalez (00:00, Room 1). The filmmaker is a constant presence at the festival and now presents his first feature film (one of the curiosities is the presence of Eric Cantona as an actor).

In competitions, highlights to some authors as Sergei Loznitsa, Bill Morrison, Jorge Quintela or Ico Costa. It's a great day to find amazing short films. In the early afternoon, we present a performance by Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder, using 35 mm projection to create a visual happening (17:00, Room 2). Also in the afternoon  there is again the Meetings with Directors, at 16:00 in the Curtas Lounge (with João Viana, João Pedro Rodrigues, Pedro Bastos and João Nicolau). And in the morning, at 11:00 (Room 2), the Switzerland is the country's panorama.

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