National and European Panoramas

24 September 2020
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Curtas presents several panoramas that are attentive to the most interesting works in some European countries, namely Poland and Romania.

In the same way, Panorama Nacional presents a selection of short films recently produced at a Portuguese level, making it possible this year to watch films by David Pinheiro Vicente (winner in 2018 of the award for Best Portuguese Short Film in Curtas), Clara Jost, João Fazenda and the duo Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela. 

The European Panorama Poland will be screened on October 3rd at 5pm at the Municipal Auditorium and the European Panorama Romania at the same location on October 9th at 5pm. Panorama Nacional will be screened in hall 1 of the Municipal Theatre on October 9th at 5pm.


October 9th, Sala 1, Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde, 5pm

João Fazenda · Portugal · 2020 · ANI · 6’

Clara Jost · Portugal · 2020 · DOC/EXP · 6’


David Pinheiro Vicente · Portugal/France · 2020 · FIC · 15’

Mariana Caló, Francisco Queimadela · Portugal · 2020 · DOC/EXP · 37’


October 3rd, Auditório Municipal, 5pm

Filip Drzewiecki · Polonia · 2018 · DOC · 19’

Karina Paciorkowska · Polónia · 2018 · ANI · 4’


Nawojka Wierzbowska · Polónia · 2019 · FIC · 15’
Mateusz Jarmulski · Polónia · 2018 · ANI · 8’

Piotr Sułkowski · Polónia · 2018 · FIC · 13’

Marcin Polar · Polónia · 2019 · DOC · 14’

Jola Bańkowska · Polónia · 2019 · ANI · 5’


October 9th, Auditório Municipal, 5pm

Laura Pop · Romania · 2018 · ANI· 4’


Paul Muresan · Romania · 2018 · ANI · 9’


Bogdan Ilieșu · Romania · 2019 · FIC · 21’


Ioachim Stroe · Romania · 2019 · FIC · 18’


Claudiu Mitcu · Romania · 2020 · FIC · 18’

Great Directors

24 September 2020
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Short films seem to be back in fashion again, with several renowned authors recently returning to this format. A session that celebrates the short film and presents a set of works by internationally renowned filmmakers who have since established themselves in feature films and who insist on returning to short films.

Whether it is a form of experimentation with the possibilities of cinema, or as a way to get around the constraints of a traditional production, or the immediate result of an increasing ease of sharing a work with the public through new technologies, there are several examples, from works presented at festivals such as Yorgos Lanthimos ("Nimic"), the recording of a cinematic trip by João Pedro Rodrigues ("Potemkin Steps") and José Luis Guerin ("De una Isla") or even Jonathan Glazer's film ("The Fall") which interrupted the BBC's broadcast. 

For many it is a return to a format they adopted at the beginning of their career, a path from short to feature that is part of a director's normal journey. 

It is this path that allows shorts to be a window to the future of their authors, a reflection of a defining time of their cinema.


João Pedro Rodrigues · Portugal · 2019 · DOC · 3’

Yorgos Lanthimos · Germany/United Kingdom/USA · 2019 · FIC · 12’

Jonathan Glazer · United Kingdom · 2019 · FIC · 7’


José Luis Guerin · Spain · 2019 · FIC · 25’

“My Generation” at the Auditório Municipal

24 September 2020
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This is the second edition of "My Generation", the section which involves students between 14 and 18 years of school in the region (José Régio Secondary Schools, D. Afonso Sanches, Eça de Queirós, Rocha Peixoto and ESMAD - School of Media Arts and Design).

These students were responsible for choosing the films, promoting this action within the school space, elaborating the texts and synopses and also presenting the sessions during the festival. 

The poster and graphic material for this competition is by Cristiana Sousa and Érica Vasconcelos, students of the Degree in  Design - Ramo Design Gráfico e Publicidade of ESMAD.

 The "My Generation" sessions will take place in the Auditório Municipal de Vila do Conde, on the 7th and 8th October, at 5pm.

Consult My Generation's program at the following link.

Session 1

7 de outubro, 5pm


Camila Kater · Spain/Brazil · 2019 · ANI/DOC · 12'


Luis Briceño, Laurent Crouzeix · France/Chile · 2019 · ANI/DOC · 14'


Farzaneh Omidvarnia · Iran/Denmark · 2019 · ANI · 12'


Total Refusal (Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf) · Austria · 2020 · ANI/DOC · 21'


Arvin Kananian · Sweeden · 2020 · FIC · 15

Session 2

8 de outubro, 5pm


Tiago Minamisawa, Bruno H Castro, Guto BR · Brazil · 2019 · ANI · 7'


Mathieu Grimard · Canada · 2019 · FIC · 14'


Léa Forest · France · 2019 · DOC · 25'


William Laboury · France · 2019 · FIC · 21'

Paulo Furtado and Pedro Maia premiere new film-concert in the Stereo section of Curtas

23 September 2020
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Paulo Furtado returns to Vila do Conde in October to present Guanche, a new multidimensional work this time alongside Pedro Maia, Íris Cayatte and Duarte Ferreira. The film-concert is part of the Stereo section, dedicated to exploring the multiple possible dialogues between music and cinema.

In the same section, Curtas will screen “Implantação da Rapública #2 Pintar o Hip Hop”, the second chapter of the documentary series that Antena3 is dedicating to the universe of national rap, where we talk about graffiti with some of the pioneering artists of street art in Portugal.  To complete the program of Stereo, two Portuguese documentaries, “Ricardo” by Luís Sobreiro and “A Vida Dura Muito Pouco – Celebrando a obra de José Pinhal” by Dinis Leal Machado. 


Paulo Furtado has been an assiduous presence in Curtas de Vila do Conde, where he has been circulating almost all the work of cross between image and sound that he has produced in recent years. In 2020, together with director Pedro Maia, actress Íris Cayatte and sound artist Duarte Ferreira, he will premiere Guanche, a first artistic approach to what will be his next feature film. Based on the filming done in Madeira (in the Super8 format it likes so much), Guanche will be a cine-concerto composed of parts of the film's editing, processed here live by Pedro Maia, with original musical accompaniment by The Legendary Tigerman and narrated, live, by Íris Cayatte. Still undated, Guanche is a work around man, development and his relationship with nature. 


“Ricardo” by Luís Sobreiro, a mocumentary about a mysterious character who invaded the stage of the Sensible Soccers concert in Paredes de Coura, and “A Vida Vida muito Pouco – Celebrando a obra de José Pinhal”, a film that tries to trace the life history of the musician who, in recent years, has become a cult phenomenon with a new generation of Portuguese music. 


The Stereo section also includes the music video competition, with are films that have given image to songs by Batida, Moullinex, Capicua, Filipe Sambado, Pop Dell'Arte, Clã, Surma, Sereias or João Pais Filipe. 





Saturday 3 October, 10:15pm, SALA 1, Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde


Antena3 Docs Apresenta Implantação da Rapública #2 Pintar o Hip Hop, Catarina Peixoto, Portugal, DOC, 25' 

A Vida Dura Muito Pouco – Celebrando a Obra de José PinhalDinis Leal Machado, Portugal, 2020, DOC, 23’

RicardoLuís Sobreiro, Portugal , 2020, FIC, DOC, 29’



Friday 9 October, 10:15pm, SALA 1, Teatro Municipal Vila do Conde

GUANCHE film-concert, with Paulo Furtado, Pedro Maia, Iris Cayatte



Saturday 10 October, 10:15pm, SALA 1, Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde

Isaki Lacuesta in exhibition at Solar

23 September 2020
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Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinemática presents "Isaki Lacuesta" exhibition - a selection of works by Isaki Lacuesta, the director In Focus of Curtas de Vila do Conde. The exhibition will have its inauguration in October 3rd at 4pm. The set of pieces on display highlights the diversity of the work of the Catalan artist and filmmaker, including some unpublished, still in production during the preparation period of the exhibition.

The exhibition path will establish differentiated relations between the selected works, starting from the first short films, which here find a more intimate contact space with the public, passing through a multi-channel projection project, specifically designed for the gallery space, and culminating in the author's most recent works, where the intersection with music becomes dominant.

Isaki Lacuesta is an artist and filmmaker still young but already with a considerable work, both in the field of cinema, with films that have won several important prizes, and in the field of plastic arts, with a curriculum of exhibitions in some of the most important centres of contemporary art, multifaceted, prolific, whose work is developing according to the metamorphosis of the creative process, which brings together many influences, for example from German expressionist cinema, and benefits from various collaborations, especially from musicians, but also, for example, the dancer and choreographer Rocío Molina.

From Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th October there will be the presentation of the films with the presence of the director and artist at the Municipal Theatre, as well as a debate on the 9th at 4.30 p.m. and a guided tour at the Solar on Thursday 7th at 4 pm.


Lugares que no existen. Goggle Earth 1.0 (fragmento: Doble pantalla)

Spain, 2009, SD Video, 10’26’’, loop

The project " Lugares que no existen. Goggle Earth 1.0" consists of a series of photographs and films of places that do not appear in Google Earth, to which the artist and his team travel in order to document their true appearance and present it in an installation that contrasts with the false vision that we can get from the computer.

Où en êtes-vous, Isaki Lacuesta?

Spain, 2018, SD Video, 17’, loop

"Où en êtes-vous, Isaki Lacuesta?" (Where is Isaki Lacuesta?) is part of a collection of orders from the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, which invites filmmakers to make free-format films in response to the same question. Based on footage he filmed in South Africa, Russia, Cuba, Qatar and Spain, near his home, Isaki Lacuesta replies: "I am here and there at the same time".



Spain, 2019, 4 channel HD Video, 11’40’’, loop

L'acusat (El acusado, un caso del sur) is an installation in two double projections: portrait of a south (around El Rocío) from four cardinal points: the church, the bar, the hunting and the Civil Guard.

In 2017, Isaki Lacuesta followed a case of double murder in El Rocío (Huelva). During the investigation process, it was discovered that the life of the only defendant in the case and El Rocío shared the same four cardinal points: the church, the hunting lodge, the bar and the Civil Guard. Four walls of a world on horseback (in El Rocío, everything is done "on horseback") between the current imagination of a Lorquian Spain and the resistance to modernity.

After spending more than three years in prison awaiting trial, the accused was found not guilty. Therefore, once released, the accused is out in the field in this facility, surrounded (like the spectator himself) by the four screens depicting the four institutions of a south, which is not extemporaneous, but the most unpredictable and realistic image of our 21st century.



Spain, 2003, SD Video, 20’, loop

Several objects are observed through a high resolution microscope: some paint pigments from a supposed painting of the 19th century, a dollar bill and a piece of film from an old decomposing film. The microscopic observation unveils the mysteries hidden on the surface of these materials: the infinite paintings that can be found on a tiny fragment of painting, the other possible invisible films that are hidden on every little piece of film. "Microscopies" is divided into four parts: "Paisajes del natural", "El ojo de dios", "Eclipses" and "Microcosmos", a science fiction story written from previous experiences.


El Rito

Spain, 2011, SD Video, 8’, loop

A look at a slaughterhouse located in the province of Girona. The sacrifice of the animal is deprived of its sacred nature, of all rituality, and human gestures become mechanical, almost automatic, when executed day after day.


Ramírez (11012017)

Spain, HD Video, 2018, 1’53’’

From "Entre dos aguas", the musician Raül Refree and Isaki Lacuesta start a body of joint work that develops in exhibitions, installations, films and video clips. This is a first result, in which Lacuesta illustrates a theme from the instrumental album "Jai Alai Vol.1", by Refree, with images filmed in the La Casería neighbourhood (San Fernando, Cadiz).


Dar a Luz

Espanha · Spain, 2018, HD Video, 3’06’’

Video clip of "Dar a luz", music composed by Raül Refree for the film "Entre dos aguas". New images that did not appear in the film, with the participation of El Niño de Elche. Portrait in 16mm of the day to day in a bar in La Casería (San Fernando, Cadiz).


Spain, 2015, HD Video, 8’15’’

Poem portrait made for the Eiga Ongaku Project (Kyoto and Nagoya), with original music composed by Daniel Fígols and included in the collective film "The darkness collection" (special edition).



Grite Pelao

Tangos de la Vía Láctá

Par Coeur & The Womb

Spain, 2020, HD Video, 20’, loop

The singer Silvia Pérez Cruz meets Isaki Lacuesta in the summer of 2020 to film in 16mm and S-8mm a series of pieces for songs from her new album: Fatherless, Grito pelao, Tangos de la Vía Láctá, Par Coeur & The Womb. The team joins the dancer and choreographer Rocío Molina, the actress Alba Flores and the experimental filmmaker Adriana Vila Guevara as photography director.

From this collective comes four pieces that can be seen independently or as a twenty-minute short film in which the songs and images rhyme and complement each other.

Curtas Vila do Conde screens Portuguese competition in Lisbon, Porto and Faro

23 September 2020
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The programme for the 28th edition of Curtas de Vila do Conde is now complete. A total of 261 films will mark the various sections of the festival, which this year will take its Portuguese Competition to the cinemas of Vila do Conde, Lisbon, Porto and Faro. This decision reaffirms the festival's commitment to the cinema and to supporting national production and the short film format as a space for discovery and experimentation. 

Curtas will thus integrate a selection of 17 works of animation, fiction and documentary, which is faithful in the search and discovery of the best that is being produced in Portugal. Sandro Aguilar, Cláudia Varejão, Carlos Conceição, Pedro Peralta, Patrick Mendes, João Rosas, Filipa César, Alexandra Ramires, Natália Azevedo Andrade, Denise Fernandes, Diogo Salgado, Luís Costa, Igor Dimitri, Nuno Baltazar, Catarina Romano, Inês Nunes and Eduardo Brito are the selected directors. 

Outside Vila do Conde, the sessions of the portuguese competition will take place at the Cinema Ideal (Lisbon), the Cinema Trindade (Oporto) and the Auditório do Instituto Português dos Desporto e Juventude de Faro. In addition to the screening of the films, the directors will also be there to present the sessions and answer questions from the public. 

In the year of the 20th anniversary of the Agência – Portuguese Short Film Agency, the festival will also include the launch of a book that looks back at the last two decades of Portuguese cinema: Reframing Portuguese Cinema in the 21st Century counts on the contributions of a dozen film programmers and critics, analysing trends, transformations and the work of several Portuguese filmmakers. 

The 28th edition of Curtas de Vila do Conde takes place between October 3rd and 11th. The complete programme can be consulted on the event's website.


“A Terra Do Não Retorno” by Patrick Mendes

“Armour” by Sandro Aguilar

“Catavento” by João Rosas

“Crioulo Quântico: O Algoritmo Do Algodão” by Filipa César

“Elo” by Alexandra Ramires

“Lascas” by Natália Azevedo Andrade

“Nha Mila” by  Denise Fernandes

“Noite Perpétua” by Pedro Peralta

“Noite Turva” by Diogo Salgado

“O Nosso Reino” by Luís Costa

“O Ofício Da Ilusão” by Cláudia Varejão

“Salsa” by Igor Dimitri

“Salto” by Nuno Baltazar,

“Seja Como For” by Catarina Romano

“Sonho De Um Verão” by Inês Nunes

“Um Fio De Baba Escarlate” by Carlos Conceição

“Ursula” by Eduardo Brito

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