Animar 13 ends with a party on May 20

4 May 2018
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Animar 13 comes to the end with a party for the whole family. Besides two short films by students from Vila do Conde, the animated film "The Manly Fox and Other Stories" by Patrick Imbert and Benjamin Renner will also be screened. Everything from 4pm, at the Municipal Theater of Vila do Conde.

The 13th edition of ANIMAR comes to the end on 20 May. In the last three months, the team at Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinemática has intensively promoted several activities dedicated to the training of the youngest for the cinema: cinema sessions, cinema studios, illustration and print workshops, guided visits to the exhibition patent, among others. From basic to secondary education, more than two hundred students from the North region were able to participate in this project, both in school context and beyond.

In this edition, Patrícia Rodrigues, Joana Nogueira and Pedro Neves were the invited directors for the orientation of the film studios developed over several weeks in schools in the municipality of Vila Conde. The two short films produced together with the students will be screened for the first time during the Animar 13 Closing Party at the Vila do Conde Municipal Theater. At the ceremony, which will start at 4:00 pm, prizes will also be awarded for the first edition of the Illustration Contest, aimed at students of the visual arts, which aims to promote the links between drawing and cinema.

Patrick Imbert and Benjamin Renner's feature film "The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales" will mark the end of the party. From the books of Renner himself, the filmmakers created an animated comedy divided into three little stories and three main characters: the fox, of course, a rabbit and a duck. Tickets cost 2 euros for children under 16 and 3,5 euros for the others.

Until then, it will be possible to visit the Animar 13 exhibitions at the Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery, which includes works by Joana Nogueira and Patrícia Rodrigues, Alexandra Ramires (Xá) and Laura Gonçalves, Pedro Neves, Paulo Patrício and Marte Monteiro, and Anatomie du Labo 10, which brings together international illustrations of competing films in the Labo section of the last edition of the Clermont-Ferrand festival at the Vila do Conde Municipal Theater.


Closing Party ANIMAR 13
May 20, 4:00 pm
at Vila do Conde Municipal Theater, room 1

Formal sitting
Short-films ANIMAR 13
Making of ANIMAR 13
Award Ceremony Illustration Competition ANIMAR 13
Film screening "The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales"

Workshop and illustration show in April

5 April 2018
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In April, Animar 13 presents a commemorative session of Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, a parallel illustration show and an illustration workshop for beginners with Joana Estrela.

On April 15, Curtas Vila do Conde presents a commemorative session of the 40th Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival and the 10th Anatomie du Labo. This session, taking place at Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde, brings together four short films selected from the Labo section of the French festival: "Everything (Tout)", by David O'Reilly, "Reruns (Rediffusions)", by Rosto, "Proch (Poussière)", by Jakub Radej, "Black America Again", by Bradford Young, "Shadow Nettes", by Phillip Barker and "Retour", by Pang-Chuan Huang.

On the same day, opens the illustration show Anatomie du Labo 10, which will be exhibited in the foyer of the theater until the end of Animar 13, on May 19.

Vila do Conde, through the Curtas Metragens CRL association, was one of the cities chosen to host this itinerant show, which will leave the French city for a journey in Europe. The Anatomie du Labo invites international artists - proposed by various festivals - to illustrate the films in competition in the Labo section of the Clermont-Ferrand Festival program. The main objective is to promote dialogue between filmmakers and viewers. Júlio Dolbeth joined the exhibition representing Curtas Vila do Conde. The Portuguese illustrator has been working in partnership with the festival and the results are visible even on the walls of the city.

On April 21, the illustrators Joana Estrela and Sofia Rocha e Silva come to the Solar Galeria de Arte Cinemática to guide a workshop of illustration based on the songs of intervention of the Carnation Revolution, aimed at children between 8 and 12 years. Inscriptions can be sent to and have a cost of 10 euros. On the same day, the film "L'Aventure Commence" by Thierry Frémaux will also be shown, also in the municipal theater, in partnership with the Cineclube de Vila do Conde.

Portuguese shorts awarded in Monstra

21 March 2018
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Short films distributed by Agência da Curta Metragem won five awards in Monstra – Animation Film Festival of Lisbon, revealed the organisation during the Closing Ceremony, held in Cinema S. Jorge, Lisbon. 

The film “A Sonolenta”, by Marta Monteiro, received the SPA/Vasco Granja Award for Best Portuguese Film. In the same category, "Água Mole", by Laura Gonçalves and Alexandra Ramires (Xá), received an honorable mention. This short-film also won the Award for the Best Portuguese Short-film.

“Das Gavetas Nascem Sons”, by Victor Hugo, was selected the Best Experimental Short-film, and "Surpresa", by Paulo Patrício, received the Audience Award for the Best Film in National Competition.

"Uma Manhã na Feira", produced by Curtas Metragens CRL and directed by students of ESMAD – Escola Superior de Media, Artes e Design and from the 12th grade of Escola Secundária José Régio, under the orientation of Laura Gonçalves and Alexandra Ramires (Xá), conquered the award for Best Portuguese Shorty. 

Two of the winning shorts, – “Supresa” and “Água Mole” – can be found in an interactive format in the collective exhibition of Animar 13, at Solar – Galeria de Arte Cinemática, until May 19.

Curtas Vila do Conde at SACO

7 March 2018
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Curtas Vila do Conde – Festival Internacional de Cinema will be presenting a special program with four short films to screen at SACO – Semana del Audiovisual Contemporáneo de Oviedo, taking place from March 16th to 25th, in that Spanish city.

The screening, that will happen on March 24th, at Teatro Filarmónica, is composed by the films “Coup de Grâce”, by Salomé Lamas, “Água Mole”, by Alexandra Ramires (Xá) and Laura Gonçalves, “Fuligem”, by David Doutel and Vasco Sá and also “Coelho Mau”, by Carlos Conceição.

Miguel Dias, director of the Curtas Vila do Conde international Film Festival, and Salette Ramalho, responsible for the Portuguese Agency of Short Film, distributor of the selected short films, will present the session.

On the same day, March 24th, Curtas Vila do Conde will be hosting one of the Spanish festival parties with a DJ Set by Curtas Sound System, a duo composed by Miguel Dias and Sérgio Gomes.


Curtas Vila do Conde – International Film Festival has a strong tradition of music events beyond its core film programme, which can be explained for the festival’s desire for integration of other artistic forms related to cinema, but also for the personal music interests of its team members and programmers. In this particular case, the music proposed by Miguel Dias and Sérgio Gomes is also a good analogy of another important festival feature, the dialogue between history and cutting edge cinema, covering genres from obscure soul and deep funk classics to its electronic counterpoints such as ghetto-funk, glitch-hop and future beats.

Miguel Dias is a record collector interested in all shapes of jazz, soul, funk, latin and african music, specially from the 1960’s and 70’s. He’s also part of the Sete Magníficos, a collective of Porto DJs spinning classic 7" records.

Sérgio Gomes is a DJ since 1998. He has always shown an interest for contemporary and avant-garde electronic music. With its BREAKS lda. label he’s also a promoter of electronic music events in Portugal, and hosts a weekly radio show at RUM.

Agência da Curta Metragem at Clermont-Ferrand

25 January 2018
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The 40th edition of the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival starts on February 2, with three Portuguese short films in competition. The Short Film Agency will be present once again at the Festival's Market to promote Portuguese production at one of the most prestigious event dedicated to short films in Europe.

"Coelho Mau", the latest short film by Carlos Conceição, was selected for the National Competition. The film, a Portuguese-French co-production (First Age and Epicenter Films), deals with the relationship between two brothers (João Arrais and Júlia Palha), an absent mother (Carla Maciel) and her lover (Matthieu Charneau), who waver between imminence of death and the astonishment of his desires.

Leonor Noivo's film, "Tudo O Que Imagino", will be featured in the International Competition. The short film, produced by Terratreme Filmes, accompanies a group of friends in the neighborhood of Alcoitão, "BDA", in the period of adolescence, school and last summer before the world of work.

Besides the works by Carlos Conceição and Leonor Noivo, distributed by Agência, the festival of Clermont Ferrand also selected a third Portuguese film: "A Gis" by Thiago Carvalhaes, which will be presented at the International Competition.

In Euro Connection, the European forum for film co-production that takes place every year during the festival of Clermont-Ferrand, Portugal will be represented by director Xá (Alexandra Ramires) with the project "Elo", produced by Bando à Parte. This is the second short film by the filmmaker who performed the animation "Água Mole", with Laura Gonçalves, presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

This platform aims to develop partnerships between producers, investors, sponsors and televisions. Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival and IndieLisboa - International Independent Film Festival are the Portuguese festivals associated with the Euro Connection where, in previous years, projects by Zepe ("The Cycle"), João Vladimiro ("Do Cradle for the Cova "), João Salaviza (" Rafa "), Leonor Noivo (" September ") and José Miguel Ribeiro (" Papel de Natal "), among others, were presented.

As in previous years, Agência will be present in Clermont-Ferrand through a promotional stand in the Short Film Market. The event, held in parallel to the festival, receives, each year, more than 3300 professionals of the film sector making this a space of extreme importance in the dissemination of Portuguese cinema. In addition to promoting and publicizing the more than 400 works represented by the Agency, this will be an opportunity to present the news added in 2018 to the catalog of distributed films.

The presence of Agência da Curta Metragem at Clermont-Ferrand is supported by Instituto Camões, Portuguese Embassy in Paris, ICA (Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual), Government of Portugal, Favaios and Douvicoisas.

ANIMAR 13 highlights animation of the real

23 January 2018
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Solar – Galeria de Arte Cinemática, in Vila do Conde, will host the 13th edition of ANIMAR, educative project that includes a colective exhibition for every age. The opening will happen on February 10, at 3:00 p.m., and the entrance is free.

Opening on the next February 10, the exhibition ANIMAR 13 gets together works by Paulo Patrício, Pedro Neves and Marta Monteiro and the duos Alexandra Ramires (Xá) and Laura Gonçalves and Joana Nogueira and Patrícia Rodrigues, highlighting the contamination between animation cinema and documentary in the national cinematographic panorama. In this edition, Animar aims to link the universes of the real and fantasy, through animations based on real stories and characters, but also through the ficcionalization of documental images. 

The exhibition is based on the films "Água Mole", by Alexandra Ramires and Laura Gonçalves, "Pronto, Era Assim", by Joana Nogueira and Patrícia Rodrigues, "Surpresa", by Paulo Patrício and "A Praia", by Pedro Neves, that will jump from the screen to the walls. These will also be others objects related to the process of the film production as props, stage scenes, costumes, etc.

The curatorial propose aims to expand the films from their traditional territory, transposing the aesthetics atmospheres and narratives to an interactive space, as an installation, in which the viewer is invited to participate. 

Alongside the exibition at Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinemática – daily open form 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. -, ANIMAR 13 also presents, until May, a complementar programme that includes cinema sessions for schools and families, guided visits to the exhibition, workshops and ateliers.

The opening of the cinema cycle will take place on February 25, with the screening of the last film by Thierry Frémaux, "Lumière!: L'Aventure Commence", at the Municipal Theater, in partnership with Cineclube Vila do Conde. The documentary brings together several excerpts of the restored copies of Lumière, establishing itself as a gateway to the history of cinema and to cinephile that is also an purpose of Animar.

Animar promotes every year workshops destinated to the scholar community of the northern Portugal, and also long-term ateliers, excusively destinated to the schools of Vila do Conde. Ateliers will happen under the orientation of the directors Joana Nogueira and Patrícia Rodrigues, Paulo Patrício and Pedro Neves. The films generated from these activities will be premiere at the Closing Party of ANIMAR 13, on May 20. 

The formative programme is supplemented with open workshops in comics by Joana Estrela and printing technics by Oficina Arara. 

The 13th edition of Animar is supported by Câmara Municipal de Vila do Conde, Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual (programa Despertar), Governo de Portugal (Cultura), Argatintas, Viarco and Cineclube de Vila do Conde. This is an initiative of Curtas Vila do Conde – Festival Internacional de Cinema team.

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