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18 July 2012
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Top Ten from the Audience Award / 20th Curtas Vila do Conde.

1. Les Enfants de la nuit, by Caroline Deruas
2. I Morti di Alos, by Daniele Atzeni
3. La vie parisiense, by Vincent Dietschy
4. Os vivos também choram, by Basil da Cunha
5. Flamingo Pride, by Tomer Eshed
6. Edmond etait un âne, by Franck Dion
7. Baggage, by Danis Tanovic
8. Les amours perdues, by Samanou Acheche Sahlstrøm
9. Without Snow, by Magnus von Horn
10. A Fábrica, by Aly Muritiba

The year of the Portuguese

16 July 2012
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The Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival ended on Sunday and surpassed the best expectations of the organization. But despite the closing of the 20th edition, Curtas Vila do Conde continues to be talked about and have yet things to see!

Given the success with the premiere of the film "Obrigação" by João Canijo with the room completely full and with numerous people who were not even able to purchase the ticket in time to watch, Curtas Vila do Conde decided to have a new session scheduled for next Saturday, at 17h00, at the Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde.

We recall that the director João Canijo was Caxinas filming a documentary about the women of the fishermen. The film is called "Obrigação" and the director intends to use this material to make a feature film whose world premiere will happen at the 21st edition of the Curtas Vila do Conde.

The film "Obrigação" is one of several campus productions, a section of the Estaleiro project developed by Curtas Metragens CRL, joining experienced Portuguese filmmakers with production teams made up of students or recent graduates of audiovisual courses.

Four of these films were presented during the 20th Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival, in this celebration year.

Curtas Vila do Conde will be the subject of a special tribute in the 65th International Film Festival of Locarno in southern Switzerland, that happens between 1 to 11 August. "Tribute to Curtas Vila do Conde" is the name of the special program dedicated to the festival and that includes the screening of the four films commissioned by Curtas, directed by four directors relevant in the contemporary landscape and who have a strong relationship with the festival. The four films are: LAND OF MY DREAMS by Yann Gonzalez, O CANTO DO ROCHA (The Song of Rocha) by Helvécio Marins Jr., O MILAGRE DE SANTO ANTÓNIO (The Miracle of Saint Anthony) by Sergei Loznitsa; and RECONVERSÃO, by Thom Andersen.

According to Nuno Rodrigues, director of the Curtas Vila do Conde, this special program in Locarno means "recognition for the work done by the festival over 20 years." At the same time, "is a clear commitment to a set of four films and four authors who have already reached a level able to honor the work of the Festival of Vila do Conde and arriving this way to Locarno, a major international film festival", states Nuno Rodrigues.

The prize-giving ceremony of the festival took place on Saturday night. The Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival has, this year, a track record that honors the Portuguese cinema!

"Os Vivos Também Choram", by Basil da Cunha, won the Best Film Award at the Portuguese Competition and was one of the winners of the Onda Curta RTP2 Prize. Also in Portuguese Competition was awarded an Honorable Mention to "A Cidade e o Sol", by Leonor Noivo.

"A Comunidade", by Salomé Lamas won the Prize for Best Documentary. And "Manhã de Santo António", by João Pedro Rodrigues, was awarded the prize for best European short film (nomination for the European Film Awards in the category of short film, organized annually by the European Film Academy).

The official competition jury, composed by Margarida Cardoso, Graça Castanheira, Ed Lachman, Adrian Sitaru and Martin Pawley, awarded the International Competition in three categories: Animation, Documentary and Fiction. Noteworthy is the Grand Prize winner "Cidade de Vila do Conde ', awarded to the best film in competition, worth 2,000 euros, sponsored by the city of Vila do Conde. The winning film was the documentary "A Story for the Modlins", by Sergio Oksman.

By the time of the awards ceremony, the festival had already exceeded by 10 percent the number of spectators recorded last year.

14th July : Highlights of the Day

14 July 2012
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On the penultimate day of Curtas 2012, there are many cinema and many choices available. At the morning and in the afternoon there are more Curtinhas' sessions for kids. Also early in the afternoon, the festival promotes a discussion of Portuguese cinema. By late afternoon, are screened the last sessions of international and experimental competition. At night, in the section From Short to Features, is screened the film "Best Intentions", by Adrian Sitaru. But the major highlights of the day are the awards ceremony (where Fernando Lopes will be honored) and the film-concert of the Black Bombaim.

By early afternoon, the festival will discuss "What would the world be without the Portuguese cinema?" with five guests: Miguel Gomes, João Pedro Rodrigues, Luís Urbano, João Lopes and Augusto M. Seabra. At a critical point of Portuguese cinema, this is a time for industry professionals discuss the future.
Over night, the festival honors one of the great figures in the history of Portuguese cinema: Fernando Lopes. It is projected "The Happiness," a short film by Jorge Silva Melo in which the filmmaker is the protagonist. This honor follows the session awards-given, starting at 21:00. Over night, the Black Bombaim join a collective of young filmmakers coordinated by John Minton (visual director of Portishead) for a cinematic experience of live performance from the last album of Black Bombaim.

12th July : Highlights of the Day

12 July 2012
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In this Thursday, July 12, Curtas Vila do Conde offers several opportunities to see good cinema. The international and Portuguese competitions continue their screenings and it starts the experimental competition. Also in the In Focus Robert Todd section continues its sessions, this time with a masterclass. Over night, Jan Harlan presents a documentary about Kubrick, and, the highlight of the day, Thom Andersen presents his film on Eduardo Souto de Moura (a commission of the 20th Festival).

By early afternoon, Robert Todd presents two short films ("Golden Hour" and "Crystral Gaze"). Afterwards, he talks with the audience about his work. It is a good opportunity to better understand the experimental work of this author. In competitions, the International shows today films like "Os Mortos-Vivos" by Anita Rocha da Silveira or "I Morti di Alos" by Daniele Atzeni. There are two extreme examples of the ways of contemporary life. At night, the fourth session of the Portuguese competition screens films by Filipe Abranches, Salomé Lamas, Gabriel Abrantes and João Rosas.
In the night, it is screened the documentary "Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures" by Jan Harlan (which is in Vila do Conde). It's a film in a parallel program to the exhibition "2012 A Kubrick Odyssey." Also it will be screened "Reconversão", by Thom Andersen, a commission of the 20th Curtas Vila do Conde and the filmmaker chose the architecture of Eduardo Souto de Moura as theme.

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