11th July : Highlights of the Day

11 July 2012
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On Wednesday, July 11, there are very good films to find out in Vila do Conde. It continues the sessions of competition (Portuguese and international) and another of the productions Campus / Estaleiro is presented (a film by João Canijo); Helvécio Marins Jr. shows his short films and talks to the audience of the festival, and at night, the Evols provide the first concert film of this year, creating an original soundtrack for films of Robert Todd (author of in Focus).

The Room One of the Teatro Municipal on this Wednesday receives several sessions of competition. In the Portuguese highlights for the first presentation of films by Leonor Noive, João Pedro Rodrigues and Possidónio Cachapa. In international competition films will be shown by Peter Peake (director of Aardman Studios), Sergio Oksman, Ben Rivers and Lisandro Alonso. In the evening session is also screened "Les Amours Perdues" starring Emmanuelle Béart.
In the afternoon, the Brazilian filmmaker Helvécio Marins Jr. shows most of his short film work, in a session at 15h. In the end, the director will talk to the audience. At night, João Canijo shows the film he made with students in the Campus / Estaleiro, "Obrigação". This project was filmed in Caxinas in Vila do Conde and closely followed the wives of fishermen. Finally, today also happens the first film-concert from films by Robert Todd, with music of the Portuguese band Evols.

10th july : Highlights of the Day

10 July 2012
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On the fourth day of the Curtas 2012, the Festival kicks off in strength with the International Competition (in the main room). There are new screenning of the Portuguese and European Panoramas, the competition of Take One! and it starts the In Focus retrospective on Robert Todd. Finally, it is screened the unique session of the music videos competition.

By early afternoon, the Portuguese Panorama shows some Portuguese films that have premiered in other festivals. The session will screen films by Pedro Brito, Cláudia Varejão, Paulo Abreu e João Rui Guerra da Mata. At night, the second session of the Portuguese Competition is screened with new films by Filipa César, Mariana Gaivão, Ico Costa and Miguel Fonseca. With all the films shown at the sessions of the International Competition, this is a day of great short films.
Already in the evening, there is a film session on the American experimental filmmaker Robert Todd. It is a good opportunity to see small and poetic films that reinvent our look towards the world. Also at night, is shown in a single session of music videos, in a selection of films that show us that the music video can be much more than a commercial vehicle.

8 July : Highlights of the Day

8 July 2012
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On the second day of Curtas Vila do Conde, the highlights are divided between the Curtinhas (with films for kids), the beginning of the Take One! section (student films), and new sessions on Olivier Assayas (filmmaker In Focus) and From Shorts to Features (with a film by Laurent Achard). Finally, the Festival promotes the world premiere of the comission of the 20 Years with the screening of three films, made ​​by Helvécio Marins Jr., Sergei Loznitsa and Yann Gonzalez.

At 11 am, a session is screened for kids with age 6, at the Curtinhas competition. Also it will be screened, at 15h30, a session for kids with ages 3. Many good films to delight the kids. The Take One! today presents an overview session of a School in Focus, this year dedicated to the Escola das Artes da Universidade Católica. Also at the end of the night VideoRun Restart ends with the presentation of the films that resulted from the 48h marathon.
The In Focus retrospective to French filmmaker Olivier Assayas now has two chapters: at 17h is shown the film "Dédordre", an early-stage project that demonstrates the portrait of a generation in France for 80s, and at 18h30 are screened several of the their short films accompanied by a masterclass from the director. At night (21h), the director Laurent Achard shows his new feature film, "La Derniere Séance," about a man who keeps a cinema in danger of closing.

Finally at 22:30 the first session with the commissioned filmsof the 20 Years Curtas Vila do Conde are screened: "O Canto do Rocha", by Helvécio Marins Jr. (filmed at a café in Fontainhas, Porto), "O Milagre de Santo António", by Sergei Loznitsa (documentary about a secular practice in a northern Portugal village),"Land of My Dreams", by Yann Gonzalez (a fiction about a mother and daughter traveling in northern Portugal with a striptease show).

7 July : Highlights of the Day

7 July 2012
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On the first day of the festival, we present an extensive programme that seeks to reveal the programming of 20th Curtas Vila do Conde. Apart from opening of the Curtinhas (a mini-festival for the kids), several films will be projected in different sections: 2012 A Kubrick Odyssey; From Shorts to Features; and In Focus Olivier Assayas. Also on the first day there are three events of 20 Years of Curtas Vila do Conde (exhibition, book and documentary).

The programme 2012 A Kubrick Odyssey (which is also an exhibition at Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery), screens the classic "A Clockwork Orange", and the documentary "Room 237" by Rodney Ascher, that after the furor caused at the Cannes Film Festival, arrives at Vila do Conde to reveal the secrets of "The Shining". Still in this first day, the opening ceremony will screen the first feature film by Nicolas Provost (an author of the festival): "The Invader", also with a long career in film festivals. Finishing up the night it begins the In Focus retrospective of Olivier Assayas, with the projection of "Noise", a film celebration of music, with special emphasis on Sonic Youth.

To celebrate the 20th Curtas Vila do Conde, the first day of the festival presents three special events. It will open a photography exhibition (at the Teatro Municipal) that explores the vast photographic archive of the last twenty years, showing many of the authors who were in Vila do Conde. It will also be presented with a book published for the anniversary and that includes twenty interviews with authors of the festival, as well as written reflections about our history. Finally, the documentary "Generations Short!", by José Vieira Mendes, will be screened (18:30, Room Two).

See all programming in our AGENDA.

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