A Resume for the 29th edition

Curtas' 29th edition took place between the 16th and 25th of July, back to its summertime dates, with many sold out screenings and proving that it is possible to return to theatres safely. The same happened at Cinema Trindade, in Porto and at Cinema Ideal, in Lisbon, the venues where Curtas took the National Competition films and directors once more. Similarly to the previous edition, Curtas Online presented the opportunity to watch most of the competing films and exclusive content for subscribers.

The opening night presented the audience with the bewildering "Mandibules" and also with the start of “Hollywood Daydreams and Nightmares” section, dedicated to some iconic films from the American desire and obsession machine. The second day kicked off with Curtinhas screenings, but the highlights were the opening of Diogo Costa Amarante's exhibition, "Be Your Selfie", and the start of the highly-anticipated National Competition. Closing the day, a special screening of Sérgio Borges and Helvécio Marins Jr.'s "Fight, Fight, Fight", followed by a talk.
On Sunday began the talks with the guest directors, the New Voices section screenings - with Jacqueline Lentzou, Jorge Jácome, Farnoosh Samadi and Ali Asgari - as well as the In Focus section, dedicated this year to Scottish filmmaker Lynne Ramsay.
During the week, there was the celebration of the 60 years of Cannes' Semaine de la Critique, there were Take One! and My Generation sections' screenings, a special screening dedicated to Caxinas (an ESMAD initiative), a guided tour of Solar's exhibition, several talks with guest directors and socialising at Espaço Nortada, located in Solar's patio, with DJs performing throughout the week.
The Music Video Competition gave the motto for a weekend of union between film and music, with two stimulating shows: on Friday, a cinematic and musical performance by Chão Maior and Igor Dimitri, and on Saturday, Angelica Salvi scored Lois Weber's "Shoes". Curtas brought to Vila do Conde the team of "The Tsugua Diaries", one of the most anticipated films this Summer, directed by Maureen Fazendeiro and Miguel Gomes, for its Portuguese premiere.
On the last day of the Festival, the awarded films were announced. The official jury has awarded the Great Prize to "VO", by French director Nicolas Gourault, I Gotta Look Good for the Apocalypse”, by Ayce Kartal, received Best Animation award, “Farrucas” (Ian de la Rosa) was awarded Best Documentary and “L’Enfant Salamandre” (Théo Dégen) was the choice for Best Fiction. Regarding National Competition, the jury chose "Dawn", by Leonor Noivo, as the best film and Mário Macedo was awarded with the Best Director prize, for "Skin River". The Audience Awards went to "David", Zach Woods' short film, - as the best film within the International Competition - and to "Lone Wolf", by Filipe Melo, as the best film within the National Competition.
The Experimental Competition jury considered "Surviving You, Always", by Morgan Quaintance, to be the Best Film and awarded an Honourable Mention to "Baki Tadu É", co-directed by Kate Saragaço-Gomes and Calum MacBeath Morgan. The Take One! Competition jury awarded the Best Film to "Fruit Of Thy Womb", by Fábio Silva and Ana S. Carvalho was given the Best Director award, for her film "(In)Quietude". "Vanille", by Guillaume Lorin, was the favourite for the ever-demanding Curtinhas jury. "Your Name Is" was the chosen film by the My Generation jury and Luís Sobreiro won the Best Music Video for "Yip Man".

During 10 days, Curtas 29th edition presented 245 films from 46 countries. Despite some setbacks, the programme Curtas offered had an influx of audience that surpassed our highest expectations, leaving us very optimistic for future editions, which hopefully will take place in a different atmosphere. Curtas programme continues for the following weeks, with several extensions taking place in cities from North to South of Portugal and abroad. The exhibition Diogo Costa Amarante conceived for Solar is open until the end of August, and it's free.
Next year, from July 9 to 17, Vila do Conde will be, once again, home to the best short films made throughout the world. We'll be back to celebrate film where it should be seen: in the dark theatre, dialoguing with other art forms, communing with filmgoers that, year in and year out, make Curtas a unique and always special festival.
See you soon!