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Casa do Xisto - Film and Visual Arts Residence


Casa do Xisto is an artistic residence dedicated to cinema and visual arts, a free expression laboratory that crosses artistic languages, privileging the preservation of cinematographic arts and promoting social inclusion through artistic practice. The 16mm Immersive Laboratory will give 10 participants the opportunity to learn about traditional 16mm filming techniques, reversible in color and black and white, ecological and sustainable alternatives for development, such as caffenol and plants such as mint, fennel and thyme, which can be found in the "film garden" of Casa do Xisto, while creating collaboratively in an immersive process, from the 6th to the 10th of July, taking advantage of the stay in the rural context of Casa do Xisto, located in the village of Macieira de Rates, Barcelos. 

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[SE] Special Screening

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